Tiazia “Ty” Coleman hails from the Bronx, New York but was raised in Laurel, Maryland.  Ty became interested in make-up in high school where she  then decided she wanted to become a celebrity make-up artist. On a leap of faith, Ty left the east coast and headed to Hollywood, California. She then enrolled in school for cinematic make-up at Cinema Makeup School. Shortly there after, Ty landed a job as a make-up artist at Dream Magic Studios LA. In this capacity, she was the make-up artist for all of talent on the TV shows that were created at the studio. Her clientele began to grow and was able to work with Serayah McNeil of the red hot TV series, “Empire,” TV sitcom legend Tisha Campbell, and a plethera of other celebrities.Ty’s future is bright; her goal is to launch her own make-up boutique while continuing to cement her place as a global, celebrity make-up artist. She loves the drama and beauty make-up creates. It drives her. It’s her passion. If it’s one thing she knows for sure, “Do what makes you happy. If it doesn’t make you happy, then don’t do it.”




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