Andres Porras

Andres was born in the quiet colonial town of Popayán, Colombia in 1972.  It isn’t surprising that his father’s interest in photography soon would rub off on him.  At an early age, Andres found a special interest in photography and so his father gave him his first still camera and the basic knowledge of composition and lighting.  Little did he know he had sparked a flame that would last a life time.
Andres’ love for photography grew substantially throughout his childhood and never faltered.  By age 14, his family settled in New York City.  Moving to the United States was more than just a move to a different country.  Along with the new environment came new perceptions of lighting and the flame inside of Andres grew more intense. His appreciation of lighting continued to grow and seemed to find a purpose when he started film school.  There, Andres’ earlier perceptions found a new partner; the concept of motion pictures.
Now, in his forties, Andres feels accomplished not only as a cinematographer but, as an editor and colorist.  The over 20 years of professional experience has brought Andres great opportunities to not only execute on the field, but also to give back in the classroom. Andres’ thirst for knowledge and further understanding of motion pictures, as a medium and as an industry, is as strong as ever. That little boy’s flame from Popayán has never faded.
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