Jared Murray-Bruce

fullsizeoutput_17Jared Murray-Bruce is a Nigerian/American entertainment executive who is the current Vice President and Head of Operations of Dream Magic Studios; a state-of-the art production facility located in Canoga Park, California.  Mr. Murray-Bruce was born in Valdosta, Georgia and is the son of entertainment and business mogul and Nigerian State Senator Ben Murray-Bruce. 

After graduating from the prestigous Loyola Marymount Univeristy with a degree in Communications; Jared worked as the Executive Producer for the live talkshow “Rhythm Late Night” which airs to over 40,000,000 viewers in Nigeria. After successfully growing the audience for the Rhythm Late Night Show and developing strategic plans to cross promote the show to an American audience, Mr. Murray-Bruce took his passion for developing quality programming and creating narratives that are unique for the Black culture, into his new role as Vice-President at the sought after production house. 

In his role, Jared is responsible for the managing daily operations of the facility, negotiating contracts, content acquistions, business development, identifying and solidying strategic partnerships in addition to executive producing original content for Dream Magic Studios.  

He leads a ten person team and has been successful in facilitating the partnerships with companies such as LookHu and Hartbeat Digital. His primary goal is to position Dream Magic Studios as a house-hold name known for producing interesting and compeling content, as well as being the premiere full service production facility for various content creators, film makers, directors and producers. 

A millennial who does not wait for second opportunities, Jared enjoys working with clients who have a clear vision of what they want to achieve and how they want to achieve it. His natural creative ability allows him to see a concept and devise an innovative plan that can materialize that concept into a project that is larger than life. He takes pride in helping his clients meet all their expectations and beyond. No idea is too big or small for Jared when working to create content that evokes thought and emotion with the audiences it is meant to serve. 

Mr. Murray-Bruce currently resides in Beverly Hills, CA and enjoys music, creating content and watching American and European football.

 Andres Porras

photo_alpAndres was born in the quiet colonial town of Popayán, Colombia in 1972.  It isn't surprising that his father's interest in photography soon would rub off on him.  At an early age, Andres found a special interest in photography and so his father gave him his first still camera and the basic knowledge of composition and lighting.  Little did he know he had sparked a flame that would last a life time.

Andres' love for photography grew substantially throughout his childhood and never faltered.  By age 14, his family settled in New York City.  Moving to the United States was more than just a move to a different country.  Along with the new environment came new perceptions of lighting and the flame inside of Andres grew more intense. His appreciation of lighting continued to grow and seemed to find a purpose when he started film school.  There, Andres' earlier perceptions found a new partner; the concept of motion pictures.

Now, in his forties, Andres feels accomplished not only as a cinematographer but, as an editor and colorist.  The over 20 years of professional experience has brought Andres great opportunities to not only execute on the field, but also to give back in the classroom. Andres' thirst for knowledge and further understanding of motion pictures, as a medium and as an industry, is as strong as ever. That little boy's flame from Popayán has never faded.

Jose Lopez

Back in Colombia, Jose chased his two biggest interests: business and making movies. Jose read all the film books he could get his hands on, and even memorized the names of famous Actors, Directors and Producers by the time he finished High School. Jose studied Business and Finance in California, while always thinking of traveling around the world. Jose had a fascination for movies since a was a child, and when he finally moved to Los Angeles in 2000 he was thinking only of directing movies.

Seemingly by accident he started creating and organizing events thrusting him into the world of production. He instantly fell in love with production, as it became natural for the Colombian national. Jose loves to negotiate and close deals. He enrolled in LAVC to work on TV and Film Production graduating with a Cinema and Media Arts Degree. Today Jose continues to pursue his dream working in the Film and TV industry here in LA.

Tiazia Coleman

Tiazia “Ty” Coleman hails from the Bronx, New York but was raised in Laurel, Maryland.  Ty became interested in make-up in high school where she  then decided she wanted to become a celebrity make-up artist. On a leap of faith, Ty left the east coast and headed to Hollywood, California. She then enrolled in school for cinematic make-up at Cinema Makeup School. Shortly there after, Ty landed a job as a make-up artist at Dream Magic Studios LA. In this capacity, she was the make-up artist for all of talent on the TV shows that were created at the studio. Her clientele began to grow and was able to work with Serayah McNeil of the red hot TV series, “Empire,” TV sitcom legend Tisha Campbell, and a plethera of other celebrities.Ty’s future is bright; her goal is to launch her own make-up boutique while continuing to cement her place as a global, celebrity make-up artist. She loves the drama and beauty make-up creates. It drives her. It’s her passion. If it’s one thing she knows for sure, “Do what makes you happy. If it doesn’t make you happy, then don’t do it.”